What They Are Saying…

School Reporter, Altario School…

“Ashlyn, thank you for the amazing reporting you did on behalf of the staff and students in Altario….Excellent piece!”

~ Mike Kukurudza, Principal, Altario School, May 2013

School bus video X-mas card project…

“I am writing this letter in regards to the Christmas video message that Ashlyn McCormick created for the PLRD No. 25 Transportation Department. She relayed an important school bus safety message using a Christmas theme playing on decorative seasonal lighting, and also the bus’ eighty-way indicator lighting. The video included a catchy Christmas tune that she performed herself, and was timed beautifully with the flashing Christmas lighting.

She employed a great level of safety while getting the footage by using a quiet road side and having safety people placed appropriately to ensure no one was put at risk while taping the project. The video was done at a level of quality that approached professional work, and was well received by the trustees and administration of PLRD.

Based on my experience with this project, I would highly recommend Ashlyn to others based on her ability to follow direction, the quality of her work, the imagination and effort she puts into it, and the timeliness with which she completes it.”

Susan Reid, Transportation Coordinator, PLRD No. 25, Jan 2014

Jr. Reporter, Consort Enterprise…

“Ashlyn has been contributing articles to the Consort Enterprise for the past year. I have been very pleased with her writing and her work ethic. She goes the extra mile to get assignments in by deadline and always has interesting stories. She has a great ability to develop her articles and employs a variety of styles very well. Her sense of humor is outstanding! Her work is accurate and well structured, needing very little editing or correcting.”

~ Dave Bruha, Editor, Consort Enterprise, Apr 2014

School Reporter, J.C. Charyk Hanna School…

“You have done an amazing job capturing the essence of the topics discussed and the kind, soft-spoken nature of Dr. Brokenleg! … I will be posting this to the website … and we will be submitting this to PLRD to publish in our monthly newsletter!”

~ Mike Kukurudza, Principal, J.C. Charyk Hanna School, Oct 20, 2014

E-mail from Dr. Martin Brokenleg to Ashlyn’s father…

“Thank you for the lovely piece by your daughter. She has a good memory, knows how to turn a phrase, and manages to capture the essence of a quote.

Our organization, Reclaiming Youth International Occasionally publishes an e-magazine about what we are doing. We like to highlight the work of youth as well. Would you and your daughter allow us to use her piece as an article in our e-mailing? If so she could have it on her resume as a published piece as well.”

~ Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Author & Public Speaker, Oct 27, 2014

E-mail from Dr. Neumeier to Ashlyn’s father…

“Sean, what an excellent webpage Ashlyn created! Her photography, like yours, is a thing of beauty. Please ask Ashlyn for me if she will submit her article, an excellent piece of journalism, to PLRD for our Making Connections newsletter.”

~ Dr. Wes Neumeier, Superintendent of Schools, Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25, Nov 1, 2014

School Reporter, J.C. Charyk Hanna School (Hanna Herald)…

“This is amazing work and a wealth of information of events and goings on in our school. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!”

~ Mrs. Angie Warwick, School Trustee, Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25, Mar 16, 2016

“Ashlyn has been writing the school news column for our paper for the 2015/2016 school year. ln this time, Ashlyn has proven herself reliable and professional. Her columns are always on time, are well-written, and thoroughly researched. Ashlyn showed great initiative in contacting me to propose the new column and has followed through on that commitment throughout the year. I would happily trust Ashlyn to be a responsible and enthusiastic member of any team.”

Josh Chalmers, Multimedia Editor, Hanna Herald and Strathmore Standard, Apr 19, 2016

“I really appreciate the time and effort you put into writing for the newspaper. It is great PR for the school and demonstrates your strong leadership skills. Keep up the great work!”

~ Audra Limpert, Incoming Principal, J.C. Charyk Hanna School, Jun 01, 2016

Video Editing, STOP Think & Drive Responsibly video…

“Thank you so much for all of your work and creativity with this project. I know that this was sprung on you in short notice, and we are so very thankful for your assistance in bringing the video together. Once again, students from our Division are doing such great things and you have provided more than your fair share.”

~ Cam McKeage, Superintendent of Schools, PLRD No. 25, Jun 06, 2016

Letter of Reference, Mr. Andrew Ashley…

It is with great confidence and enthusiasm that I submit a Letter of Recommendation for Ashlyn McCormick. She was one of my hardest working and positive students in my Social 10-1 class at J.C.Charyk School in Hanna. I am impressed with her drive to achieve, her strong communication skills and her desire to make a positive impact on those around her.

One of Ashlyn’s strengths is her commitment to personal growth. She displays excellent attention to detail on her projects and assignments, as well as in her interactions with her peers and school staff. Ashlyn is extremely apt at utilizing technology, both for the purpose of her assignments and in extra-curricular pursuits such as the Media Club and Radio Hanna where she is a consistent online contributor. Ms. McCormick was eager to ask for extra help, participated continually in our classroom discussions and excelled in establishing a positive working/learning climate; these qualities have been exhibited further through her school-based leadership role, often assisting our school division in helping to guide educational opportunities for student learning. Additionally, I saw her perform many duties for a variety of events at J.C.Charyk so as to assist in establishing a positive and inclusive environment for the community of Hanna. Ashlyn also manages her time well, balancing challenging school schedules, after school programs such as Radio Hanna and Archery, and with other volunteerism activities such as those within her 4-H Local.

Ashlyn is someone that will, no doubt rise to meet any professional challenge or opportunity placed ahead of her. Her work ethic, communication skills and growth-centric mentality allows me to confidently to recommend her without reservation.”

Mr. Andrew Ashley, Social 10 Teacher, J.C. Charyk Hanna School, April 10th, 2017