4-H Camp 2014

4-H Camp 2014

On July 28th I went to a 4-H Intermediate Camp at Battle Lake. It was super cool because we created crafts, played games, explored museums, and made new friends. Despite the early wake up call and the four-hour car ride, camp was worth it!

Approximately 70 campers undertook all sorts of activities like crafts, where we got to make Harry Potter wands and our names out of buttons. We also got to try outdoor cooking by roasting some apples over the campfire and eating them. It was seriously good. In canoeing we all tried to avoid being splashed because the lake had blue/green algae and nobody wanted to get sick. Low ropes was pretty cool, except it was really hard to keep your balance on the ropes. We enjoyed all of the activities we participated in.

We didn’t JUST do activities though. The counsellors had all kinds of activities planned out like field trips to museums. The museum was based on the history of oil and different kinds of tools used throughout history. It was all quite interesting. There was also the colour wars where you were divided into different colour groups. I was in group blue, or, as we called it, The Smurfs. There were also red, yellow, and white. Every group had to complete a certain amount of activities and get more points then all the other groups. If you had more points, then you get to be the first to work on the scavenger hunt.

Even though there were quite a few injuries, nobody wanted to go home. I made lots of new friends and met up with some old friends. I made some new memories sure to last me a lifetime. The first time I went to 4-H camp I was dreading it, but now I can’t wait until camp happens again next summer.

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