We all scream for ice cream!
We all scream for ice cream!

We all scream for ice cream!

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!

Good afternoon honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen, and fellow 4-H’ers.

There aren’t that many ice cream trucks around Kirriemuir, so I had to get creative when I wanted this frozen treat. Dad had bought an ice cream maker for Mom on her birthday, but she preferred Dad to make her the delicious, ice-cold delight. Seeing as I’m Dad’s junior chef, I very quickly learned how to make ice cream, too.

Dad and I started off pretty “vanilla”, but we soon added fruit, chocolate, cookies or coffee, and made Mom (and most of the rest of my family) Really happy. Some of the best flavours we chilled up are chocolate fudge, Oreo, maple walnut, strawberry, Coffee Crisps, and caramel swirl.

The trick to making really great ice cream is to use real ingredients, not artificial. Our usual ice cream custard base includes heavy cream, milk, eggs, and sugar. After mixing these ingredients, we add our flavourings. Depending on the variety, like Oreo, we have to wait to add the flavourings until after the ice cream is churned. My favourite is mango ice cream because it’s very creamy and tangy.

Once our ice cream mix is ready, we put about half of it in the ice cream maker and turn it on. The reason we do half batches is because it allows the machine to add more air, creating a creamier texture. Our machine has an auto-turn off. If we fill it too high, it turns off early. After both batches have been churned, we have to allow the ice cream to age overnight. This makes the flavours go through, but it’s really hard to wait! Sometimes we do a little ‘quality control’, just to make sure that it’s tasty enough.

Our ice cream making has led to my ‘ice-cream kid’ reputation. Classmates always want me to bring in our latest flavours. Friends like to come over and help me taste test. Some of my classmates have even bought ice cream makers, and now they want to know the secret ingredient.

Besides classmates and friends enjoying this chilly dessert, my family expects homemade ice cream for EVERY birthday party. My little cousin, Samantha, goes nuts for my ice cream whenever she comes to visit.

When I grow up, I know I will make my own ice cream because not only does it taste better than store-bought ice cream, I like being able to create my own flavours. I might even start my own ice cream shop someday.

Hmmm… I wonder what banana, and mango would be like. Banango ice cream, anyone?


This was my prepared speech for the 2012 4-H public speaking competitions. I made it as far as District level, but was unable to move on thanks to a horribly timed bout of laryngitis. Of all the luck!

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  1. Carlos Perera

    Dear Ashlyn,

    I came to your website on a link from Kate McMillan’s _Small Dead Animals_ blog.

    You are a very intelligent and personable young lady; you remind me a great deal of my elder daughter–and eldest child–at your age. (Alas, she is now a woman of 31, a forensic scientist by profession). I am not in the least surprised that you went as far as you did in the 4-H public speaking competitions.

    I have no doubt that your parents are very proud of you, as, indeed, they should be. I wish you a long, happy, and fulfilled life.

    Best regards,
    Carlos Perera

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