2014-05-21 : Kirriemuir News

The past two weeks have been all graduation all the time! First one of our own graduated at Altario School, and then many locals trooped west the following weekend to support friends and family graduating from Consort School. Busy busy busy.

Gary and Joy Mouly were overjoyed to have their oldest granddaughter, Josephine Mouly, home visiting from April 28th to May 9th. Josephine has since returned to her studies at the University of Lethbridge. Gary and Joy spent Mother’s Day evening with Tracy and Karen Mouly and their girls in Monitor.

Wendy and Terry Carpentier celebrated their wedding anniversary on May 6th. Their son Sean was back home for the week to spend time with his parents as well.

Congratulations to Carissa Schuetzle who celebrated her 18th birthday on May 8th and then attended her graduation ceremony at Altario School on May 9th. Sandra Schuetzle was a super happy mom as she not only got to celebrate Carissa’s busy week, but also had all of her kids under one roof with her daughter Danielle and granddaughter Zoe coming home for a visit. The Schuetzles were off to Winthrow for the Victoria Day weekend as Carissa and Reanne’s band Redeemed played a gig there.

Glen Vert and Harriet journeyed to Valley View to help Ken Caldwell to celebrate his 75th birthday. Here’s hoping they have safe travels.

Mary Monroe (nee MacArthur) from Swan Hills has been visiting Myrna MacArthur for the past couple of weeks. The two of them have been touring around visiting family including Karen MacArthur – sister-in-law –  in Lloydminster. They made time to attend Charlotte Gilmer’s end-of-year recital for her guitar students in Consort at the Fine Arts Center on Monday May 12th. Jackie Lawrence was also back home to visit with her mom Myrna over the past week.

John and Faye Kloberdanz were also thrilled to attend the recital in support of Ashlyn McCormick, one of Charlotte’s first year guitar students. Ashlyn’s mom and a super huge camera (seriously, Dad?) were spotted up in the audience, too.

Happy Birthday to Faye Kloberdanz, who celebrated her 69th birthday this week. The McCormicks trooped a few kilometers south to join the party at Casa Kloberdanz and sample the German apple birthday cake with caramel frosting Jennifer made for her mom.

And that’s it for another column. This is Ashlyn McCormick signing off to head to a bridal shower and meet a new baby cousin. I’ll have more on that next time!

(Published in the May 21st, 2014 edition of the Consort Enterprise.)

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