Play Review: The Diary of Anne Frank

On Wednesday, April 23rd, my parents took me to see an original play called “The Diary of Anne Frank,” written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and performed at Rosebud Theater in the old Rosebud Opera House in Rosebud, Alberta. This emotional roller coaster of a play is about the true story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who spent the last two years of her life in a tiny room with her family and several other people hiding from the Nazis. Sadly, she didn’t survive and died before the war was over, but her diary was recovered after her father was released from a concentration camp. The play is based on what she wrote in this diary.

During the show, I very much enjoyed the performance of Cassia Schramm who played the role of Anne Frank. She did an excellent job of making her character seem like a young girl even thought the performer herself is actually an adult. The effort she put into her part was amazing. There were moments when she made the crowd laugh, and other times very upset. Most of all I loved her energy, like when she stole Peter’s shoes and she jumped over and under the table when he chased her. She was quite amazing.

I also really liked the work of David Snider who played Otto Frank, Anne’s father. The emotion he showed was incredible. He made it seem like he was joyful, worried, annoyed, or even upset enough he was crying (actually, I’m pretty sure he was!). When Anne was dead, he made you feel her loss.

In addition to the fine work of Cassia and David, I was also impressed with the costumes, stage dressing, sound, and lighting. The lighting they did added to the emotion of the play and kept your attention where it was supposed to be. Their set was completely marvelous. They had a small wall with the writing from Anne’s diary on the wall and even on the floor. It let you see what was going on all the time, and didn’t need to be changed around, interrupting the play. The set felt like a small home and it had small beds, tables, and even a WC (washroom or water closet.) Their costumes looked like they were from that time period (especially Anne’s undies). Everything was so well done I felt like I was hiding with them!

I enjoyed this play and would recommend it because it told a very important story about a horrible part of our history, but did so in a way I could relate to. It helped me understand more about Anne Frank than I could just from reading her diary.

Diary of Anne Frank


Top image of Anne Frank stage set including actors courtesy of Rosebud Theatre. Bottom image is a scan of the cover of the booklet all play goers receive. David Snider appears on the left, Cassia Schramm on the right. Thank you to Rosebud Theatre for permission to use their images.

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  1. Maki Van Dyke · April 28, 2014 Reply

    Dear Ashlyn,
    I enjoyed your review. I live in Rosebud and agree with you that this play tells an important story in a way that everyone can relate to. One of my favourite parts is when Mrs. Frank breaks her self-imposed code of politeness and speaks her mind. I was also moved by Otto Frank’s performance when he learns of his daughter’s death.

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