Kirriemuir News : 2014-03-12

Jennifer presenting at the 2014 Rural Futures Symposium

Spring may finally be around the corner for Kirriemuir. Not only is the ice thawing, but so is my e-mail inbox. Lots of news to report this week!

Off to Arizona for a week of some sun and warmer weather are Lynn and Steve Vert.  They are joined by Kathy and Alvin Beier of Red Deer.

Harvey and Joyce Ference have spent much of the winter in warmer climates – first in Costa Rica for two weeks and then later in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In Maui they met up with Ken and Diane Beier from Edmonton for a few days.

There was no escape to warmer climes for Gartha and Rica Vert, however. Over the weekend they enjoyed a visit from Rica’s brother and his family from Athabasca. Everyone braved the cold for a weekend of inside play time with cousins.

Congratulations to Shawna and Drann Hogg on the birth of their little boy Mitchell Leonard Hogg born on Feb. 13th.  Grandparents Harvey and Joyce Ference have been travelling back and forth to Huxley since then to cuddle the newest addition to their family.

The March 1st weekend, Shawna and Drann brought baby Mitchell to the farm to visit, and also to the Seniors Lodge in Consort to meet ‘Great Gramma’ (Tillie) Beier, and Tony and Jenny Ference.

Krista and Max Stang from Red Deer spent some time during the week at her parents, Harvey and Joyce Ference, and at Craig and Jinel’s.

Also travelling to Arizona for a few days are Craig, Jinel, Maddie and Nate Ference.  They are spending time with Jinel’s parents from Moosimin, who have been down south for the past month.

Ed and Isabel Ference were to Medicine Hat on the weekend, visiting Mike, Tara and the boys.  They were able to get in a couple of Kai’s playoff hockey games.

There is some sad news to report. Sympathy is extended to Jinel Ference and family on the passing of her Grandfather Ted Berns. Jinel, Craig, Maddie, Nate and Harvey and Joyce Ference attended the funeral in Lethbridge. Condolences also to the Deleff family on the sudden loss of Beverlee’s father, Davis Wittmack. The Deleff family attended his funeral on Saturday March 8th in Consort.

Sean and Jennifer McCormick traveled to Canmore, Alberta, from Mar 2nd, to Mar 4th to attend the 2014 Rural Futures Symposium (a conference on rural education), on behalf of Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25. Jennifer was a presenter at the symposium while Sean was the event photographer. Both the presentation and the photos were very well received.

John and Faye Kloberdanz were more than pleased to take their granddaughter, Ashlyn McCormick, into their home while her parents were away. Much 4-H prepared speech and impromptu practice ensued.

A birthday shout out goes to Mr. Harvey McKinley, who turned 29 again on Saturday March 8th. Harvey has also been filling in for Mr. Lloyd Ward at the Altario recycling station, so he is more than due for a celebration and a chance to put his feet up!

Finally, on a more personal note, Ashlyn McCormick (that would be me), took first place at Intermediate level in the semi-district 4-H speak offs held on Sunday March 9th at the Fine Arts Centre at Consort School. It is also a point of pride for her that all members of her club who placed in semi-districts have now moved up to compete at the district level. Way to bring the awesome, people!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for this week. This is Ashlyn McCormick signing off to enjoy the warmer weather, and perhaps sneak in a last bit of snowshoeing before the white stuff melts.

(Published in the March 12th, 2014 edition of the Consort Enterprise.)

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