Kirriemuir News : 2014-02-26

It’s the Family Day and Teacher’s Convention week off. Everyone went their own separate ways which made it much harder to find news (and I had to resort to stalking my family). Hopefully everyone has lots to email me over the coming week (hint, hint).

On February 11, John and Sandra Doneff went to Medicine Hat to celebrate their granddaughter’s, Carley Doneff’s, fourteenth birthday.

The Prairie Association for Water Management (PAWM) held its thirtieth annual meeting on February 12 at the Kirriemuir hall. Guest speaker Hal Knox, an Alberta energy regulator and his assistant, Tina Renick, from Edmonton were joined by their fellow employees Ed Rahn from  Medicine Hat and Marsha Peacock from Wainwright.They spoke on fracking and energy regulation. People attending came from Hanna, Lloydminister, Acadia Valley, Halkirk, Monitor, Provost, Minislikwan, Castor, and Kirriemuir.

February 13, 2014 John and Faye Kloberdanz were to New Brigden to attend the Battle River Watershed Alliance meeting.

Glen Vert and Harriet work went to Kindersley Friday the 14th on a business trip.

Congratulations to Lisa and Eric Vert’s daughter, Deanna, on her recent engagement. Congratulations also to Eric Vert for turning 29 (again), and even more birthday wishes to Jinelle Ference, Joy Mouly, and Tanner McGregor, who just turned eighteen!

To celebrate Family Day, the McCormicks and the Provost Kloberdanzes had dinner with John and Faye Kloberdanz. The granddaughters enjoyed tobogganing with Zane, Janelle, and all the dogs and cats. They were even able to watch MacArthur-Galloway cattle trail past headed for home.

Jennifer McCormick attended the annual Palliser Teacher’s convention in Calgary on the 20th and 21st. Her husband, Sean, accompanied her. There were info-sessions, some good dining, and extreme shopping on the trip back. Meanwhile I stayed with my grandpa and granny. I kept busy helping to feed the cows, and exercising the dog and cats.

Well, that’s enough stalking for one week. Hope you all had a terrific week off! As always, email me your news at This is Ashlyn McCormick signing off and hoping that this cold snap is short lived.

(Published in the February 26th, 2014 edition of the Consort Enterprise.)

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