4-H Camp 2013
4-H Camp 2013

4-H Camp 2013

I had a really good time at 4H camp. I got to participate in canoeing, archery, low ropes, crafting, and much more. I especially liked canoeing because my counsellor told me I was quite good at it. Also because it was very cool.

There were some downsides to the camp though. One girl fell in poison ivy and was itching all over. On the bright side, I know what poison ivy looks like now. Another girl accidently had her spray can nozzle turned to her face and she sprayed her face. I now always check were the nozzle is. At least the only injury I got was losing a toenail, and it’s not that bad either.

There was also a banquet at the lodge. Unfortunately the only way you could get in was if you had a boy escort you. It took a long time for the boys to get up the nerve and ask someone though. I did get asked anyway and frankly, I’m pretty happy about that. I didn’t want to spend the night outside.

Along with the banquet there was a dance. A lot of the times a boy would ask someone if they would dance with them. Since you were in 4H you HAD to say yes to a dance, even if you didn’t want to. That kind of honked, but at the same time rocked because if you just got up the courage to ask somebody and they said no, that would make you feel down. This way you still had a high spirit.

The counsellors had a strange sense of humor. They had these silly themes every day when it was time to go eat. Sometimes it would be Chinese style, or shmeal. Shmeal is when you have to eat without talking. The punishment for talking was quite strange. If you talked you could be eating with a blind fold, or have no fork. I didn’t talk once.

On the last day everyone was homesick but didn’t want to leave camp because they made so many friends. It’s those mixed feelings that make you so confused. The counsellors did one final goodbye speech before everybody went home. I was really sad to leave camp because I learned and made so many things. Boy am I glad that my dad made me go to the camp.

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