School of the Living Dead

Bride of Darkness

We spent the last two weeks at Altario School dealing with the half-dead (kids writing their Provincial Achievement Tests), the completely dead (a science exhibit), and the Undead (the older kids have their 30 level finals).

On Friday the 7th the Junior and Senior High classes took a trip to Body Works at the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton where they got to see human bodies preserved for people to learn from. Some of the displays are quite amazing! They also enjoyed a good sit down meal in Camrose on the way home. Thank you to Ms. Rossiter for driving the bus, Miss Berg, and Mr. Cunningham for providing supervision and also to the parent volunteers for helping herd around teenagers.

On Tuesday the 11th the 4,5s and the 7,8s went to Consort for a play put on by Mrs Karen Davies at the Fine Arts Centre. The students really enjoyed themselves. We owe a big thank you to Consort School for hosting us. Thanks also to Mr. McCormick, our volunteer bus driver.

On Thursday the 13th there was a big meal of pancakes and sausages, which was very good. This was followed the next day by a Subway sub lunch to make up for the one we lost to a snow day earlier in the year.

On Friday the 14th everyone dressed up as their favorite cartoon character. It was a giant mess of ‘toon impersonators such as Johnny Test, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Cosmo and many more. Mr. Bryan Cunningham spent the day having fun by creeping everyone else out because he wore contacts that made his eyes completely black! No one wanted to know which cartoon character he was.

Finally, on Friday, our music teacher was kind enough to let us perform for music video. Our tribute was “Song 2” by the group Blur. It involved a lot of dancing, air guitar, and shouting “woo hoo!” Thank you to Mr. Sean McCormick for bringing a bunch of video cameras to record us, thanks also to Mr. Boyd Davies for letting us rock it out!  I will provide a link to the finished video in the next school news.

Well that’s it for now. Good luck to everyone on their achievement tests and final exams next week. Hopefully everyone spent a bit of their rodeo weekend studying like their teachers asked them to. This is Ashlyn McCormick signing off for one last marathon studying session of the school year!

(Published in the June 19th, 2013 edition of the Consort Enterprise.)

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