School’s Out 4 Summer!

The last two weeks of school! What a mad race to the finish line! There was studying, testing, cleaning, playing, and some tearful farewells. (I think the teachers were crying because they were happy to get rid of us.)

The week of June 17th – 21st was mostly taken up with studying and tests. In the elementary end the grade threes and sixes seemed to have a test almost every day of the week! The older kids had lots of tests too, because they sat around the front of school looking grumpy and stressed out.

We finally got to relax a bit on Friday June 21st as it was free popcorn day for everyone – we all kind of pigged out. We had to clean out our lockers and get our artwork organized for the K.A.C. Fair this coming August. The grade 4/5/6 class got a treat because Skyann Brecht and I organized a surprise Disco Dance Party for everyone. We tricked our class into thinking we were going to Mrs. McCormick’s room for Smartboard work in the last period, but when we got there we had a sound system with disco lights running! Everybody got down and boogied, including Mrs. Erickson, our teacher. Miss. Berg, the grade 7/8/9 teacher, snuck in and got everyone doing the Y.M.C.A dance! The older kids were bitter because they weren’t allowed in and Mrs. Tillie Baier (who was in as a sub) growled at them and made them keep cleaning out their lockers.

June 21st was also “Dress like Mr. K. Day”. We totally punked him! At first Mr.Kukurudza didn’t understand what was going on, but he figured it out pretty quickly. Everyone had suits and ties, fake stubble, dry-erase five-o’clock shadow, pretend muscles, and Mr. Bryan Cunningham was sporting a six pack, too! (A bunch of Canada Dry cans taped to his stomach under his shirt). The girls looked kind of creepy with facial hair.

On Tuesday June 24th, the 4/5/6 class went on a field trip to Hanna. We visited the pool where there was much splashing, swimming, and diving. A few of us were brave enough to jump off the diving board! Afterwards, we went to the Hanna Museum where they had some really cool historical exhibits. There were examples of hairdressing back in the early days, old-fashioned postal service stuff, and old time jail cells that the police used to have. (I think that Mrs. Erickson and the parents were tempted to stick us in the cell and run). Thank you SO MUCH to Mrs. Stacy Evans and Mrs. Krista McGregor for being volunteer drivers on our field trip.

The entire school was served a fantastic BBQ burger lunch cooked by Mr. K. Wednesday afternoon. We also got to go on a field trip to Consort Pool that afternoon. Everyone got to work on their suntans and wrinkly water toes. Thank you to Ms. Corrina Flanagan for driving the bus that day!

Thursday June 27th was the last day of school, and it was awards day. We had to say some sad farewells to staff who are leaving Altario School. Miss Whitney Berg will be teaching in Veteran School next year. Mr. Barry Davis is retiring after a looooonnnnng career, and our principal, Mr. Kukurudza, is going to be the new principal at J.C. Charyk School in Hanna. (They are not going to know what hit them!) Mr. Kukurudza told everyone good things about our new principal, Mrs. Cindy Slenders, who will take over his job this fall.

School is officially done for this year and everyone is off to play and have fun, except for the Altario School News Reporter. This makes me the very last student to turn in work at Altario! Now that I’ve sent it to Mr. Bruha, this is Ashlyn McCormick signing off for (maybe) the last time. Have a happy summer everyone!

(Published in the July 3rd, 2013 edition of the Consort Enterprise.)


Update, Sep 16, 2013

The Altario School News is now the job of Altario’s ELA 9 class. I hope they have as much fun writing the school news as I did. Thanks again to both Mr. Bruha of the Enterprise and Mr. Kukurudza, our principal last year, for letting a grade six kid write a newspaper column! How cool was that?!?

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