Scads of Grads

Another very busy couple of weeks have passed at Altario School. We filled the school to the rafters with people for graduation in the first week, and then practically emptied the school out the following week with all of our field trips and activities!

Altario School was closed Monday for a wonderful long weekend. FREEDOM! Sadly school came back with vengeance! Most of the students agreed that we could have had more of a long weekend. The teachers were complaining that we were practically snoozing in class! (But not the high school kids who were busy decorating for grad.)

Our playground is going green (literally)! The ECS and grade 1,2,3 children were busy planting new trees in the school grounds. Thank you to Special Areas, the KAC Ag Society, Mrs. Elaine Mouly, and Mrs. Jean Bouchard for donating the trees and materials needed to plant them. The trees were selected to tie in with science programs the students participate in, and also to be a good fit to the area. We hope that they will grow and prosper for many generations of Altario School students.

Our school had a delicious hot lunch on May 20th! It was… Taco in a bag! Thank you to all the parents who came in and cooked for us, and who provided the fudge brownies (amazing how fast it disappeared), Timmie’s doughnuts, and awesome blueberry cheesecake desserts. Mrs. Angela Murphy made sure there were all kinds of drinks and treats for the grandparents of the ECS kids, who spent the afternoon making a fuss over the little ones and help them build kites. The high wind made it impossible to fly them, though.

Finally the day that the grade twelves had been waiting for, graduation day! The grade twelves spent the day dressing up and primping themselves in between panic attacks. As usual it rained all day because the grads were supposed to have photos done outside, and the elementary kids had a dance party for phys-ed in the music room because Mr. Davies didn’t trust us near the decorations in the gym. We couldn’t do phys-ed outside because it was WAY too early for swimming lessons. Maybe not for canoeing though.

The grad ceremony went well with no injuries reported. A very special thanks to Miss Whitney Berg for all of her work on the organizing, Mr. Mike Kukurudza for his work at the microphone, and Mr. Rick Strankman, MLA for Drumheller-Stettler for being our guest speaker. Thank you also to Superintendent Dr. Wes Neumeier, Deputy Superintendent Mr. Cam McKeage, and School Trustee Sam Vogel for attending and supporting our grads. Thank you!

We had a packed house – it was standing room only. Grads not only had family and friends there, but many former students and staff members also showed up to help shove the baby birds out of the nest.

The elementary students helped take apart the graduation decorations from the weekend during their phys-ed classes on Monday May 27th, which did turn out to be a LOT of exercise!

The next day on May 28th, the junior high students all left for their combined field trip with the Altario, Berry Creek, and Youngstown (ABY) Campus to camp at Alford Lake. Miss Whitney Berg and Mr. Bryan Cunningham were supervising the trip. A bunch of high school students went to Vermillion with Mr. Barry Davis for their green certificate testing. Finally, the grade 4,5,6 class attended the track and field competition in Consort, where many medals were won. The school was so empty that the people left said they heard their echoes. Thank you to Ms. Flanagan, Mr. Davis, and Mr. McCormick for driving buses for us for these trips.

On Wednesday May 29th we had a learning coach and two teachers visiting from Hanna Primary School to visit the elementary classes and check out the awesome work Mrs. Maggie Baier and Mrs. Lindsay Erickson have done with our reading program. The program is getting results that have been noticed through the rest of the division.

Subs and cookies were served at the lunch program on Thursday the 30th. Thanks to the parents for delivering subs to the school for us!

Finally, on Friday the 31st a bunch of tired teenagers returned from their field trip Friday evening to the dismay of parents and siblings who were getting used to the peace and quiet.

That’s it for the school news this week. This is Ashlyn McCormick signing off to go review her old notes and practice math quizzes for her upcoming Achievement Tests that all students are writing soon, so I hope you are all studying, too!

(Published in the June 5th, 2013 edition of the Consort Enterprise.)

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