PLRD25 Video X-mas Card

The closest ‘big’ village to us, Consort, has a Christmas Light Parade every year. I normally ride on my 4-H group’s float and freeze bits off. This year, my dad decided to trick out his school bus he drives for the light parade and his boss gave him permission. My dad is a major computer nerd and it was a light parade, so he spent a month building a light show that would flash in time to Christmas carols. I was supposed to ride in the back and toss candy to the little kids.

Everything seemed to go wrong for Dad. His bus keep blowing fuses because he had too many lights. The lights on the side kept peeling off because he couldn’t find tape that worked in the cold. The bus he wanted to use broke down right before the parade so he got a spare bus to use that was too long for the lights he had! Finally, it was SO COLD that week, the Village of Consort canceled the light parade! Yeah, it was almost -50C with the wind chill, but it still hurt to do all that work for nothing!

I had an idea that maybe I could make a video Christmas card of the bus for the Media class I was taking. Since the bus belonged to the school division, Dad had me ask his boss for her okay to use it for the video. She said I could, but only if I could work a safety message into the video. It took me a bit to figure out how, but I got both a Christmas message and Ms. Reid’s safety message into the project. She was soooo happy!

This was another assignment the teacher never gave me a mark back for, so I don’t know how much he liked it. I hope you do. Here is the video:

If you want to see what the video looked like in the program I made it in (Sony Vegas), this next movie shows you all of the pieces we put together.

All video was shot by me except for one clip that I couldn’t hold the camera steady enough because it was very heavy. Dad did what I asked him to for that one. Jingle Bells played by me on my digital piano. Sound effects recorded by me. Everything captured on my Dad’s Canon camera and edited in Adobe Audition and Sony Vegas Platinum. Here is all of the stuff we used…

Audio and video equipment:

– Canon EOS 5D Mk III dSLR
– 24-70 EF L lens
– 70-300 EF IS lens
– Slik tripod
– Tascom DR-40 Linear Digital PCM Recorder
– Shure SM-57 mic, stand, and pop screen
– PreSonus Audiobox USB PC interface
– M-Audio ProKeys 88 digital stage piano to perform song

Here is the software we used:

– Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD (video editor)
– Adobe Audition Creative Cloud (sound editor)
– Photoshop Creative Cloud (image editor)

Bus light show:

– 4x 70 light C6 LED strings (inside bus)
– 1x 35 light C6 LED string (inside bus)
– 4x LED rope lights (outside bus)
– 1x LED fairy light string (front window)
– 3 channel light organ controller with mic input

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