ECS MIA and a Visiting MLA!

The past few weeks have been very busy with a visiting MLA, free-range ECS students, some new faces, common days, exams, and a pizza party!

But first, we have a few pictures from the 24 hour famine mentioned in the previous school news. The students played some team-building games, such as ultimate sardines, balloon tag, and building blanket forts. Movies were watched and Mr. Cunningham whupped serious tail at X-box. That’s when he wasn’t teaching kids about high speed combustion in the science lab!

Week before last, our MLA, Rick Strankman came into the 4, 5, 6 class to educate them on democracy. The class learned about how our province works, and we are very grateful to Mr. Strankman for coming to speak to us when he was falling down sick.

The ECS class escaped Altario School and rampaged through the Village of Consort on May 8th, where they were seen being really cute and gathering goodie bags! They made pizza at the Rite Spot and learned how a newspaper is published at the Consort Enterprise.

All of the kids from Altario joined their classmates from Berry Creek for a common day at Youngstown school on the 9th. The older kids got to dissect a stillborn calf, which was gross, and then make fake puke in the science lab, which was REALLY gross. I am so not looking forward to Jr. High. The elementary kids got to do some drumming, which smelled way better.

On Friday, May 17th, the entire school threw a pizza party! This was an award for our participation in the MS Readathon. The pizza was for those who read 1000 or more minutes. Our award was delicious. Thank you to Mr. Kukurudza for bringing the pizza.

Next year our school will have three new faces. A new family – who will remain anonymous – toured the school this past Friday, May 17th. Everyone is looking forward to having more friends to play with in the coming school year.

Finally, it’s exam time! Our Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) have already started for the grade threes, sixes, and nines. Altario parents are asked to hide X-box controllers, iTouches, and anything else that distracts from studying until the teachers sound the all-clear.

That’s it for this week; this is Ashlyn McCormick signing off to go find my hidden iTouch while Mom is distracted by her flower bed.

(Published in the May 22nd, 2013 edition of the Consort Enterprise.)

Thanks to Mr. Bryan Cunningham for the pictures:

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