4-H Highway Cleanup 2013
4-H Highway Cleanup 2013

4-H Highway Cleanup 2013

On May 4 2013, I participated in the annual 4-H highway cleanup. The highway cleanup is all about keeping our environment clean and raising funds for our club. Cleaning the highways earns good money for us because we get paid around $100.00 per kilometer and that adds up! Most of my club was there, including our leader, Nonavee Kary.

We met at the Sportex in Consort to gather our vests, gloves, garbage bags, and recycling bags. Once everyone got to the Sportex and put their gear on, we all posed for a picture. After the picture we all had to put 4H signs on the back of our cars or trucks so the other drivers knew that were people cleaning on the sides of the road and to drive slower.

We had to wear a whole pile of safety gear while we were picking garbage because we did not want to get struck by a vehicle, get cuts or slivers, or catch something from germs. This included a bright orange coloured vest so drivers could see us, thick working gloves, and rubber boots for puddles. (My new boots leaked!) The kids had to walk further away from the road while the parents walked closest to the road.

We picked up all sorts of stuff like newspapers, candy wrappers, and fast food boxes. The  grossest thing I found was a dirty diaper. One of the coolest things I found was a licence plate. The biggest item I found was a sheet of bubble wrap. There were lots of broken beer bottles and beer cans. Smokers are the biggest pigs of all because their butts were everywhere! We didn’t have to go into deep water to pick stuff up, and anything that might be poisonous or could cut us was left alone or for the adults to pick up.

We started our garbage pick-up at the Consort cemetery, worked our way through town, and all the way out to Buxton’s Hill where we called it a day. We split up into several groups and “leap-frogged” up the highway. We would use the vehicle ahead of us to move to the next patch. Whenever we would have a bag filled with trash, we would tie it up and leave it on the side of the road so the guy in the Carrilon truck could pick it up. We did the same with the cans and bottles. One thing that made the grown-ups mad was when a bottle-picker from town started driving around and stealing our bottles. Nonavee’s dad made him stop.

We took the bottles to the bottle depot so the workers could sort them. There was one problem when the manager gave us heck because we were getting in the way and we actually weren’t. After the clean-up we all went to the United Church to celebrate with pizza and pop, which I really enjoyed.

I had a (mostly) fun day with my family and friends because I got to hang out with them, I helped clean up the community, and we raised money for our club. I got some exercise and discovered some new muscles, so it’s all good. I will be back next year.

(Pictures taken by Dad.)

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