4-H Achievement Day 2013
4-H Achievement Day 2013

4-H Achievement Day 2013

On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 our annual 4H Achievement Day was held at the Consort Seniors Lodge. Our achievement day is about showing off our work that we have done throughout the year and being judged on it.  I displayed my work by setting up a table and putting all my Cooking, Crafts, and Sewing and Digital Photography projects that I did on my table.

I had the following things on display:

  • My tied pillow
  • My pyjama bottoms
  • My crocheted dishcloth
  • My sewed binder cover
  • My 4-H binder
  • My photography portfolio
  • My 4-H public speaking awards

All the other kids were displaying their projects from Small Egnines, Wood Working, Cooking, Crafts, and Sewing, and Digital Photography. The 4-H members in Performing Arts showed a funny video. Some of the wood working projects were SO BIG that they couldn’t come into the building, and had to be displayed outside. They also had to keep the engines outside as you can’t run an engine in the building. Alexander Coulton had a giant workworking bench he built, and also a suit of chainmail that he made himself.

Mrs. Tattrie was our photography judge in achievement day. She judged all of our photos by looking at how neatly our portfolios were assembled, the detail of our work, if there was a clear message in each picture, and if we had met the requirements for each category. Ms. Tattrie liked my photos so much that I received a merit award. The judges for the 4-H binders also really liked how neat and complete my binder was, so thanks Mom!

During the ceremony, the judges spoke about what they liked or felt could be improved for next year because it needed more attention. They recognized the leaders for each project. The judges gave out merits for some projects. Most of the project leaders spoke about the year and how much they enjoyed the year and how impressed they were with the 4-H members.  A special part of the ceremony for me was recognizing my good friend Jeanette (‘Nettie) Parkin for all the help she gave me with sewing in 4-H this year. She is awesome!

I was presented with these awards on Achievement Day:

  • Merit : 4-H Binder
  • Merit :  Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Flora : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Archtectural : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Portrait / Person & Animal : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Skylifes : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Framing an Object : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Leading Lines : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Reflection : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Repeating Elements : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : 4-H Project & Event : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : Textures / Colour + B&W : Photography Project
  • Red ribbon : 4-H Binder
  • Red ribbon : Crocheted Washcloth : Sewing Project
  • Red ribbon : 4-H Binder Cover : Sewing Project
  • Red ribbon : Pyjama Bottoms : Sewing Project
  • Red ribbon : Tied Pillow : Sewing Project

During the ceremony we were asked to stand and stay standing for each level of public speaking we made it through in competitions. I got to stay standing all the way up to regionals because I won these awards during the year:

  • Silver : Public Speaking : Coronation District
  • Gold : Public Speaking : East Central AB Semi-districts
  • Silver : Public Speaking : Consort Creative Hands Multi-club

After the ceremony we had angel food cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream. The 4H kids had to serve all the seniors their cake before we could have ours, but it did taste really good and was worth the wait!

I had a really good time because I was thanked by people, got to say THANK YOU to others, was recognized for my hard work, had a chance to visit with the seniors, and it pumped me up for next year. I have already started on photography for 2014!

Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking all of theses pictures for me because I was so busy with my 4-H stuff:

[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”110474512905376286766″ ualb=”5870617762694956097″ imgl=”fancybox” dltext=”Picasa” style=”wall” row=”4″ num=”200″ size=”220″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″ nocredit=”1″]

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