Messy Melt, Galloping Geese, and God Beams
Messy Melt, Galloping Geese, and God Beams

Messy Melt, Galloping Geese, and God Beams

Dad took me out picture hunting today. We ran to town and picked up a parcel and got some fantastic milkshakes from Gateway Junction. Then it was PICTURE TIME!

We stopped on the side of the highway and took pictures of melting snow and running water. My dad encouraged me to focus in on specific details, so I wound up with some neat shots of texture and details of the ice as it melted. I was able to get in close because I was wearing rubber boots and could walk into the puddles. Dad’s boots were broken, so he couldn’t walk in puddles with me or his right foot would get wet.

Mom told us about a goose nest near where Mr. Barry Davis lives. We went over there, but the geese ran off when we saw us. They were too far away to get a really good shot, but I did the best I could. My dad found some ice in the slough where the geese were nesting, and I got some fantastic shots of it. I totally kicked dad’s butt as he couldn’t get as close to the ice as I did!

Next we went to Granny and Grampa’s place to get pictures of the little calvies, but they were all sleeping and dad said the light was boring. We came back home and helped mom clean the yard for a bit.

Finally, this evening, Dad encouraged me to go outside and take pictures of the clouds. I got some pictures of what Mom calls “God beams”, which were WICKED. Showing them to Dad made him grumpy because I kicked his butt AGAIN, including a reflection shot he missed. I did try to get some pics of my cat, but she wasn’t in the mood. Still, it was a good day for pics. I got to use Dad’s 5D Classic with a telephoto lens!

Did I mention Dad is grumpy?

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