4-H at the 2013 Consort Gun Show
4-H at the 2013 Consort Gun Show

4-H at the 2013 Consort Gun Show

The Consort gun show is a two day event where people come from all over to buy, sell, and look at guns. There was also a wide selection of hunting gear. Not everything was guns, there were also people selling all sorts of goods, like furs, cooking, antiques, and other interesting things. Although it was mostly guns, that’s why it’s called the GUN show!

Most of the people who come to the gun show are from Consort, but the event draws many people from surrounding communities. We had a spring blizzard again this year and there was concern about the turnout because the lousy weather might keep people at home.

The Consort Creative Hands 4-H Multi-club has a table there so we can raise money by selling cook books and 50/50 raffle tickets. We also use the table to show off our 4-H projects like wood works, crafts, sewing, and photography.

I had to help set up our table on Friday evening. I also worked a shift from 12 noon to 2:30 pm on Sunday. Most of the time I was selling 50/50 tickets or sitting at the table to sell cook books. I had to learn how our 50/50 raffle works: We go around selling tickets and collect money. 5 dollars for 7 tickets, 1 dollar for 1 ticket. The more money we collect, the better. When it’s time for the draw, we mix up all our tickets and pick out one. The lucky person gets half of the money that we raised in our ticket sellings. The Consort Creative Hands 4-H Multi-club keeps the other half to pay for club activities like field trips, speak-offs, community service, and to help pay our club’s expenses.

At the end of the gun show everyone packed up and headed home. All 4-H members took their projects home, and some 4-H members helped an older couple take the stuff they were selling back to their vehicle. 4-H received a $5 donation for providing this service.

Here are some pictures my Dad took because I was busy working at the event. Thanks Dad! (I took the pictures with the stuff from the table in them.)

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