Museum Musings : The End (for now)
Museum Musings : The End (for now)

Museum Musings : The End (for now)

Summer has come to an end, which means the museum has is now closed until next summer. We’ve had a great summer, filled with fantastic fairs, terrific tours, and amazing activities with summer camp groups.

We’ve been honoured with guests from all over the world, including Italy, Montana, New Zealand, other provinces of Canada, and even some of our own from our local area.

We’ve reached our final building, the barn. What’s that? It sounds like two calves! Well, I was half right. There are two heads, but one calf! This calf was born on a nearby farm, d lived for a short period of time. The two headed calf was mounted by a taxidermist and for some years it was displayed in the lobby of the National Hotel. After the hotel was shut down, it came to the museum and resides in our hip-roof barn. This barn is a small replica of the many barns that were very common on the farms of the prairies when horses supplied the only power and cows were important in daily living, as they provided milk, butter, cheese, and meat for the families. It is complete with a loft where hay was stored for the animals and has room for four stalls. The ventilator on the roof is topped by a weather vane, a touch of class, to indicate the wind’s direction. It was constructed by members of the Historical Society and directed by Mr. Peter Galster. The barn was painted red with a white trim, the usual colours of prairie barns.

Even though summer is over, the museum has a few more activities happening. On September 8th we’ll have a barbeque at Friesens Brothers. On September 9th, the museum will be hosting a table of events at the Teen Fair. This concludes the tour of our museum, but before I go I encourage you to stop by next season for a personalized tour. We can guarantee it’s worth the drive.

Ashlyn McCormick
Hanna Museum Summer Employee
(Published in the Sep 6th, 2017 edition of the Hanna Herald.)

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