Museum Musings : Train Pains
Museum Musings : Train Pains

Museum Musings : Train Pains

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the museum is coming to a screeching halt. We’ve had tea, treats, and tours galore!

Our final Tea on the Ranch House took place on the 22nd. Guests were treated to a few stories and afterwards enjoyed some coffee and a few homemade treats.

Well hello there! Are you waiting for the train as well? You are? Well, while you’re waiting, why don’t I tell you a little bit about the museum’s train station. After all, no account of the area would be complete without the inclusion of the railway story. The CNR was the reason for the town being at this particular spot and even gave us the name Hanna – Donald Blythe Hanna was at one time, president of the CNR. The building we have on display here is the Pollockville Station, acquired in 1968. The station was in use from 1920 to 1950. Once it was shut down, the Historical Society had it moved to Hanna, with the help of the CNR. In 1969 we had tracks laid in front of the station to give it a sense of realism. Since then, more items have been added like the tool shed, hand car, caboose, speeder, and a railway motor car. The inside of the station has some fascinating history as well, including the six Hammond sisters. To learn a bit more about them, stop by the museum for a tour.

Even though summer is winding down, the museum does have a few more things going on. On September 8th we’ll have a barbeque at Friesens Brothers. On September 9th, the museum will be hosting a table of events at the Teen Fair. It looks as though the train is here, but before we go I encourage you to stop by the museum for a personalized tour before summer is over. All aboard!

Ashlyn McCormick
Hanna Museum Summer Employee
(Published in the Aug 30th, 2017 edition of the Hanna Herald.)

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