Hawk Talk : Breaking Bad
Hawk Talk : Breaking Bad

Hawk Talk : Breaking Bad

Hawk Talk is back after a short break at school where the students had a week off to recover from the trauma of the latest round of report cards, and our teachers attended convention in Calgary where they learned cool new things to bring back to school.

There were several fun activities the week before the break. Miss Campbell’s Junior High Leadership class held a raffle table that week as a fundraiser. Their goal is to raise funds to purchase a big, beautiful (artificial) Christmas tree for our newly-renovated lobby to display during the holiday season. There were over 30 great items on our raffle table, and students from K-12 were invited to participate. Items included gift certificates, books, toys, blankets, clothing, and more! They raised over $500 and are a third of the way to their goal.

Also that week, Mr. MacKay’s robotics class had a robot dragster challenge. Students had to step lively to avoid mechanical critters that were zooming up and down the hallway leading to Mr. MacKay’s room. Please visit JCC’s Facebook page to see the video, which was posted on Feb 16th.

Finally, on Feb 16th, Miss Marsh’s grade 1 class and Miss Campbell’s grade 8 class collaborated on building an egg drop together as the culmination project for the grade 8 mentorship program delivered by Mrs. Orum with Project Reach.

Our school is proud to have added another broadcaster to the Radio Hanna team. Joffrey W. and his Sports Minute airs throughout the day on Thursday and Fridays, and his feature is added to the archives every Thursday morning for people who want to listen right away. Joffrey has recorded two episodes so far and more are on the way. Surf to www.radiohanna.ca to listen (an audio player loads automatically).

We had a Spirit Day and pep rally on Friday, Mar 3rd to recognize the hard work of the maintenance and custodial staff, to cheer on our junior high girls’ basketball team, and also to play some games! The games consisted of a sword fight with beach toys (in keeping with the Beach Day theme) while balancing on a wooden board. All of our custodial staff were presented with JCC hoodies for having gone beyond the call of duty in making our transition to being one school such a success. Everyone was wearing shorts and flip-flops that day.

Mrs. King’s grade 7 ELA students were also busy on the 3rd. They were collaborating on a First Nations project with the school’s really huge grade 4 class. Mrs. King thanks Mrs. Waye, Miss Gibson, and Miss Young for sharing their students with her. Finally, the grade 3 class made a trip to Rosebud on the 3rd for a theatre production.

J.C. Charyk Hanna school was proud to host a junior girls basketball tournament this past weekend on Saturday, Mar 4th where our beloved Hawks defeated Mitford 42-37 in the first match, whomped Three Hills 35-21 in the second match, and then overcame Mitford again with a score of 44-41 in the final game to win the 2017 South Central Zone banner.

Our school has a new Improv Club, which was started by grade 12 student Quinn Peters. A tip of the hat to Miss Peters for her initiative. Students wanting to join the new club should talk to Mrs. Limpert.

The other Really Big News from this past week was the arrival and installation of the seating for our new theatre. There is still some work to be done with the control booth, but the new facility will be up and running very shortly and we’re all excited to see what the students and the community can do with this new feature at J.C. Charyk Hanna School.

For upcoming events, we have the World of Choice career event in Drumheller that will be attended by our grade 11 students under the supervision of Mrs. Fredericks and Mrs. Ayrey. A group of JCC’s archers are making their way to the Nationals tournament in Edmonton on Saturday, March 18th, and our own school is hosting a Career Fair for students of our division on March 29th, which will be broadcast on Radio Hanna by Mrs. McCormick’s Com Tech class and the Media Club working together.

Parents are reminded that there is no school on March 10th and also on March 31st. March 10th is a divisional professional development day while the 31st is a school PD day. Elementary report cards go out on Friday, March 24th, and elementary interviews (which are scheduled) take place March 29th and 30th.

That wraps up this week’s Hawk Talk. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks (we promise!). In the meantime, please make sure you keep checking our school Website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed for any schedule changes or newly added upcoming events.

Ashlyn McCormick (Grade 10)
J.C. Charyk Hanna School

(This item was published in the March 8th, 2017 edition of the Hanna Herald.)

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