Hawk Talk : We Remember

After a well needed week off for students and staff. we’re back hitting the books, finding the drama (in the form of a play), and getting on the ball with sports.

We held our annual Remembrance Day ceremony in the JCC north gymnasium on November 4th, just before the beginning of break. Thank you to Mrs. Viste for leading our Glee Club, and everyone else who helped. We would also like to acknowledge the attendance of WWII veteran, Mr. Charlie Fielding.

The Hanna Hawks Sr. Boys Football team traveled to Edmonton for the quarter finals on November 10th where they were defeated by Mill Woods 87-6. The game started with Dawson Veno injuring his shoulder moments into the first quarter and went downhill from there. Thanks to everyone who supported the Hawks this year and we look forward to an improved 2017 football season.

Parent teacher interviews were held for grades seven through twelve on November 17th in the north gym. Teachers report a decent turnout of parents.

The junior high drama class went digging for some good acting on 34th street. On November 17th, the drama kids went to Rosebud for the opening performance of Miracle On 34th Street. Many students came back full of Christmas spirit.

The archery club will be starting on December 16th for grades 5 to 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Practices are being held at HPS this year due to a shortage of gym space at JCC caused by the modernization. Ms. Nissen, Mr. Christensen, and Mr. Ashley are the teachers in charge.

Pajama day on will be on November 25. Students are encouraged to don a comfy pair of PJs and learn in style.

Report cards will be coming out for the grades five and six on November 28th. They were held back a week due to their classrooms being moved.

Upcoming events include then Tae Kwon Do tournament on November 26th, school council meeting at 6pm on November 29th, and an early out on Tuesday the 6th of December.

That’s all for this week’s edition. We’ll be back in two weeks, hopefully with some Christmas cheer and Hawks basketball updates.

Ashlyn McCormick (Grade 10)
Aiden Campbell (Grade 6)
J.C. Charyk Hanna School

(This item was published in the November 23rd edition of the Hanna Herald.)

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