I had to create a political cartoon for my Social 10 class. I created one based on the outcome of the recent U.S. election. Before the election, Hillary called Trump supporters ‘deplorables‘ and commented that Trump’s remarks that he would possibly contest the election results, ‘horrifying‘. Since the election, it is her supporters who are behaving in a horrifying and deplorable fashion. My cartoon comments on the irony.


I created the sketch of Trump. It was scanned into Photoshop and overlaid over this photo called Not My President, by Tom Hilton, which is available for use under a Creative Commons 2.0 license. I thank Mr. Hilton for sharing his image and point out that my commentary added to his image does not reflect his views. I had to put my word balloon over a sign with some colourful language in the background.

My social teacher, Mr. Ashley, was very happy with my work on this assignment.