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J.C. Charyk School can be thankful that despite Mother Nature’s weather tricks, we’ve still had many new treats at our school in the last couple of weeks.

This past week the grades five and six classes went to the Atlas Coal Mine and got to go into an abandoned coal mine and a tipple. They also got to see a short presentation on how coal mining changed throughout the  years. It was cool to be inside one of the only tipples in North America. The students even learned about how bad the marketing was back then. The company would paint the coal with orange paint and say it burned two times as long. Apparently, this worked. There was a job where all you did was just splatter orange paint on all of the coal. One of the tour guides at the coal mine was a pony driver. His  job as a pony driver was to haul all of the coal from place to place, but one day the horse went the wrong way and the guide almost lost his leg. They had to strip all of the flesh off of his leg to fix it. If that doesn’t demonstrate that being a pony driver was dangerous, nothing else will.

Glee Club has started for the Grade Sixes, and they have already had three sessions with Mrs. Viste.

The Class of 2017 held their first grad meeting on October 5. Students unanimously voted to hold their spring graduation ceremony at JCC in the newly modernized north gym.

Jr. Girls Volleyball team, coached by Miss Hiles, played against St. Anthony’s on October 6. The girls showed great teamwork and enthusiasm.  They had a number of great rallies that really got the crowd excited. The girls also played in Delia on October 13 and continued to show good growth in their skills.

On October 7, the JCC Hawks football team played against the Provost Panthers ‘treating’ ourselves to a win despite the heavy snowstorm. The final score was 102-12. During the afternoon prior to the game, the annual awards ceremony for grades 5-8 was held, and later that evening, the grade 9 through 12 were honoured. There was a terrific turnout to celebrate the success of students from the 2015-2016 school year. Radio Hanna broadcast both awards’ ceremonies and the football game that day. The Hawks’ October 14th game against Camrose was postponed to October 17 due to inclement weather. They will be playing in Calgary on October 21.

The elementary classes were off to the Atlas Coal Mine.  Highlights of the trip included exploring an abandoned mine shaft and one of the only remaining tipples in North America.

On October 13 a large contingency of JCC students travelltraveledR Career & Entrepreneurship Expo ’16 in Consort. Radio Hanna’s Nathan Limpert, Jacklyn Ord, and Aiden Campbell were also there live-broadcasting the event. Students from across PLRD were able to listen to people who have returned to rural to pursue their careers and passions including Brodie Pearson, a former PLRD student. The morning saw three keynote speakers, and there were a number of breakout session in the afternoon for students to attend.

Check out Mrs. Kollar’s  junior high students’ Halloween scratch art display currently on exhibit at the Hanna Public Library.

Parent/teacher interviews for the junior and senior high will be on October 19 from 4 to 7 pm. Elementary interviews will be on October 19 and 20.

October 20th continues to be a busy day as the Healthy Active School Symposium will be taking place in Red Deer and the Imagineer group will be representing  our school. The senior Wildlife class will be putting their theoretical studies to practice on a fishing field trip. As well, later that evening Radio Hanna will be broadcasting the Hanna Chamber Business Awards Gala from 8-9 PM. Tune in to hear who the award winners are!

The Hawks Archery Team will be hosting a Halloween dance on Friday, October 28th at the high school. More information will be coming soon on the JCC website.

The various leadership groups around the school will be jointly hosting a Halloween festival on Monday, October 31st. There will be activities for both the HPS and JCC students throughout the day.

JCC will be hosting a Remembrance Day Service at 10:30 AM on November 4. Parents and guests are welcome to attend. Report cards are also coming out on November 4th prior to the November break. Students will have a break from classes November 5 to 13.

Neither snow nor rain nor lack of ‘Net stays these writers from the reporting of their appointed stories. Stay tuned for our next column!

Ashlyn McCormick (Grade 10)
Aiden Campbell (Grade 6)
J.C. Charyk Hanna School

(This item was published in the October 19th edition of the Hanna Herald.)

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