Hawk Talk : Chillin’ Like Villains

Anyone visiting JCC over the past week may have noticed both staff and students chillin’ like villains. That’s because our wonderful new furniture that has just arrived for the phase one section of the modernization. This has solved some overcrowding issues in the common area and the concession. The tables used by the high school students have been moved back into the hallway behind the south gym that they prefer. The common room is now mostly occupied by junior high students who previously roamed the school like homeless people between being evicted from the common area by high school students and having to give up the Concession to elementary students for lunch.

Teachers can now be spotted eating lunch in the new staff area now that their furniture has arrived, making the library available to students again over the lunch hour. Books, yay!

The warmer spring weather means that gym teachers are taking the students outside to play sports. This definitely relieves some pressure on schedule for our single remaining gym as we’ve had to crowd more than one class in there at a time on cold days. We’re hoping that the weather continues to co-operate and these crazy winds we have had don’t carry away any of the smaller students. Everyone in town is reminded that there is constant traffic between the school and the football field now, so it would be great if drivers could be careful and slow down outside of school zone hours, too!

The Jump Rope For Heart campaign has returned this year and the elementary kids are doing a great job raising money. Not to mention their cool jump rope tricks which are sure to challenge the professionals. Keep up the good work guys!

Also in the past week, we’ve seen the high school class return from their trip to Europe with much yawning and jet lag. Badminton has started up and is running three days per week after school thanks to Mr. Mohl. Finally, more high school students were off to the mountains for the annual ski trip this weekend. We hope they find lots of fresh powder and make it back safely.

The school’s Maplewood grade tracking system has been locked down until report card day so teachers can enter and finalize grades and comments. Parents will be unable to check the 3rd term report card marks until April 22nd when report cards come out. JCC’s staff apologize for any inconvenience.

There will be no classes on April 15th as it is a Professional Development Day for staff in the school division. For students, it’s a great day to catch up on homework, right? Report cards for grades seven through twelve are going home on April 22nd, so this weekend will be the last chance for some to shore up their grades. There’s no time like the present! That’s it for this edition of the school news.

Ashlyn McCormick
Grade 9B
J.C. Charyk Hanna School

(This item was published in the April 13th edition of the Hanna Herald.)

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