Easter, Egg Hunts, and More

Another busy week at Altario School! Some youngsters gave an eggsellent performance to some not-so-youngsters, students were egging each other on over Easter, trying to avoid goose eggs while inline skating, and teachers  were hoping parents wouldn’t throw eggs at them during interviews.

First, a missed news item from last week. Ms. Corrine Kelts from Special Areas came in to talk to Mrs. Erickson’s class about local government. Thank you to Ms. Kelts for making the time to see us.

On Monday of this week, grades 4, 5, and 6 went to the Consort Lodge with Mrs. Erickson and sang for the seniors alongside elementary students from Consort. Thank you to Mr. McCormick for volunteer driving our school bus.

Mr. Kukurudza, our principal, said the parent council meeting on Tuesday evening had a good turnout, went well and he thanks our school’s parents for being so involved.

Alien Inline Skating was at Altario on Wednesday and Thursday, getting everyone moving and working up a sweat. We are pleased to report no serious injuries apart from a few bruised egos. The public skating on Wednesday evening was awesome! You had to watch out for the ECS kids because they’re faster than they look. Thank you so much to Altario Student Council (ASC) for sponsoring this!

We had excellent turnout for K-6 parent/teacher interviews Wednesday evening with so many people coming in that there was a minor traffic jam at one point. Mr. K. is looking into having traffic lights installed for next year.

Mrs. McCormick’s art class made a variety of very colourful hand-painted Easter eggs. Students learned six different ways to decorate eggs without using food colouring. Care was needed as the eggs were uncooked and a few were dropped. As the saying goes, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! Thank you to Mrs. Wendy Carpentier and her chickens for donating so many eggs.

Thursday’s school Easter egg hunt was also sponsored by ASC. The K-3 group found the most eggs, which is not surprising since they are closest to the ground and can see into the hidey holes the best.

Jr/Sr High report cards are being sent home on April 12 and hopefully there will not be too many long faces.  Interviews will be held the following week.

The primary teachers would like to remind parents that with the Big Melt happening after Easter break, to please remember to send kids in with rubber boots, splash pants, and several cans of Scotchguard.

Happy Easter break everyone! This is Ashlyn McCormick is eggs-iting the building for another week.

The Week In Pictures

[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”110474512905376286766″ ualb=”5863780283653311985″ imgl=”fancybox” dltext=”Picasa” style=”wall” row=”4″ num=”200″ size=”220″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″ nocredit=”1″]

(Published in the April 3rd, 2013 edition of the Consort Enterprise. Not all of the above images appeared in the paper due to space constraints. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. McCormick for providing many of the pictures.)

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