Hawk Talk : Hoops Arrows & … Piggy?

It’s been a busy two weeks a JC.Charyk Hanna School, filled with fun, tests (not fun!), and some amazing wins in basketball and archery.

For older sports news at JCC, the Jr. Girls basketball team beat DVSS 35-15 on Feb 4th. They were then defeated by Linden 35-12 on Feb 5th but bounced back to defeat PCA 27 to 21 and then lost to DVSS 35-34 in a real nail-biter of a game. Thanks to Mrs. Gross for sending in scores.

Coach Haines reports that the senior girls basketball Hawks placed 5th in the Rundle College 16 team Ranking tournament in Calgary on the weekend of Feb 6th and 7th. They beat the 6th place ranked team from Glenmary from Peace River with a score of 50-47, but unfortunately lost to the 1st ranked Immanuel Christian from Lethbridge with a score of 30-62. Then continued with on wins over Kainai with a score of 56-33, and finished with a gritty comeback win over 4th place ranked La Crete with a score of 42-41. Jordyn Kiemele was also the selected as the Hawk’s tournament All-Star.

School Council had their monthly meeting on February 9th. Those present were treated to a tour of the nearly completed renovations from the current phase by Principal Mike Kukurudza.

Congratulations to all the archery students who participated in the 2nd annual PLRD Invitational Archery Tournament hosted again by Altario School on Feb 11th. There were 22 students from JCC and 129 students total from across the school division. JCC had a good showing with our archers bringing home six medals. Brayden Foden won silver in Sr. Boys. Shannon Warnock and Madison McKinnon won gold and bronze, respectively, in Sr. Girls. Tanner Cormier took silver in Jr. Boys. Ashlyn McCormick won bronze in Sr. Girls. Finally, Holly Karg brought home the silver medal for Elementary Girls.

In the top archery scores for each grade, awards go to Tanner Cormier for grade 9 boys, Ashlyn McCormick for grade 9 girls, and Shannon Warnock for grade 10 girls. Out of 129 plus students, seven JCC students ranked in the top thirty archers. Brayden Foden came in second, Tanner Cormier third, Shannon Warnock tenth, Madison Mackinnon fourteenth, Ashlyn McCormick fifteenth, Shayna Fecho seventeenth, and Reece Fandrich who came in twenty-eighth. A shout out to all of our archers who took part in the competition and demonstrated JCC school spirit to everyone

Also, on Feb 11th, Mrs. LaClaire and Mr. Judson took a bus full of grade nine Drama students to Calgary to see the play, “The Lord of the Flies”. Afterwards, they did some team building by playing Lazer Tag. You’d need something like that after such a depressing play to avoid a re-enactment on the bus ride home!

On Friday, Feb 12th, the school’s leadership class organized a pep rally with Mr. Davies as the MC. All the teams that are currently running were introduced, including all the basketball teams and the archery team. After the teams were introduced, a trivia quiz followed, along with some cool prizes like JCC bells, toy balls, and balloons. Many students enjoyed ringing the bells and tossing the balls around although I’m sure the teachers were tempted to evict them. Good job on the pep rally folks, spirits were definitely raised after that!

School resumes on February 22nd when everyone will get a chance to see the newly renovated portions of the school that are being reopened. Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed their break and that our teachers are recharged and ready to go after attending their annual convention in Calgary.

Ashlyn McCormick
Grade 9B
J.C. Charyk Hanna School

(Published in the February 16th, 2016 edition of the Hanna Herald.)

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