Team ECOS Interview


According to Wikipedia, “the International Genetically Engineered Machine or (iGEM) competition is a worldwide synthetic biology competition that was initially aimed at undergraduate university students, but has since expanded to include divisions for high school students, entrepreneurs, and community laboratories, as well as ‘over graduates’.”

Students spend their summers making their own machines inside of living cells, machines that have a specific purposes, and enter them into this international competition! JCC student reporters Brenna McGillion and Ashlyn McCormick visited Consort School to interview their award winning ECOS team that took 5th place out of 48 teams worldwide!

We’d like to congratulate the ECOS team on behalf of Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25 for proving that we really are, “small schools preparing students for big futures.” The fact that a team from a small rural school like Consort could not only hold its own against big schools from major cities that had massive resources, but even defeat them, demonstrates how being small doesn’t prevent us from offering students a world class education. That’s certainly a message we’d like our students and parents to hear!

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