PLRD Career Fair 2015


Another student and I were asked to run the broadcast table at the Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25 Career Fair that was being hosted at J.C. Charyk Hanna School on November 4th, 2015. Colleges from all over Alberta had tables set up for students from our school to visit. The division also bussed in kids from the surrounding schools; Berry Creek Community School, Delia School, Morrin School, and Youngstown School. There were a lot of students in our south gymnasium!

Haley and I played music to demo our Radio Hanna project to everyone there and also went out on the floor with wireless microphones to interview presenters. We had a bit of trouble with our wireless mics once when the (cheap) batteries died earlier than expected. The biggest problem was that school network wouldn’t let us livecast. That’s not a surprise since it never works on my regular school days, either. We had to record everything and post it later.

Here’s our show from this morning…

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