A Day at the KAC Fair


I was pleased to get an offer from the Consort Enterprise to photograph this year’s K.A.C. Agricultural Fair on August 12th in Altario, Alberta. My job was to photograph entries, the car show, the activities taking place outside, and the award ceremony.

There were many entries and I was able to take a variety of pictures. I personally loved the food section. The garden fairy area was very impressive as well. The car show was AMAZING. There were a tonne of retro cars displayed and one even had fuzzy dice. Old school!

The activities I photographed were the chili cook off, children playing in the bounce house, face painting, and the archery exhibition put on by grade five student Sean Murphy, who is a very talented archer!

The evening entertainment was really impressive. They had a very good ventriloquist there who got a lot of laughs out of the audience. I had a great time and am very grateful to Mr. Bruha of The Enterprise for the opportunity to work for him again.

My pictures appeared in the August 19th edition of The Enterprise. You can see them in the following PDFs (very large and they open in a new tab):

  1. Page 01
  2. Page 06
  3. Page 07

A small portfolio:

There are my favourite pictures from the day.

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