4-H Camp 2015
4-H Camp 2015

4-H Camp 2015

Ash at 4H Camp 2015

This year’s summer camp at Battle Lake was incredible. Since this was my third year going to this camp, it was not surprising to see all the energy and excitement. I also was very happy to see some familiar faces. This year’s theme was the 4-H version of the television show Survivor. The entire camp was split up into colour teams. There were blue, purple, green, red, orange, and black. I was on the purple team. Unfortunately, we did not win. It was the orange team that won tribal team of the year.

Since it was an intermediate camp, they let us stay up later than the juniors are allowed to. Unfortunately, most of us were super tired because of this! One night they sent us to bed early because the councillors were upset over the mess we left in the lodge. It was about 10:00 that night which meant we got to go to sleep much earlier than normal. A giant relief to the campers. However, it was a trick. They sent us to bed, waited until we fell asleep and then started running down the hall yelling, “NIGHT GAME!” All of us went to bed again around 12:30 am, completely exhausted. It was about 8:00 am when they woke us up, with the fire alarm, like most mornings….

In order for one of the teams to win, we would have to complete challenges. Some of them were team building, others were mind games, and some were just, well, random. My personal favorite was Smog the Councillors. Each member of the team would get a handful of shaving cream. They would then have to search for the councillors and “smog them.” This just meant you got to cover them in shaving cream. The teams with the largest number of messed-up councillors would win. Black came in first, purple second, and orange third. There were many other games, but I rather liked the night games the best.

My favorite part of the camp were the tribal wars. They were tonnes of fun. The games were amazing like the giant soccer ball tournament, jousting with pool noodles, and more. Even though I loved the games, the beginning was still my favourite bit. We got to paint giant banners with our team signature. Afterwards, the group would run down the hill screaming at the top of our lungs and run through the banner, ripping it to shreds. It was quite enjoyable.

I had an amazing week this year. I enjoyed so many things like making friends, discovering new things, even finding new activities that interested me. These things make me want to go back next year. I would recommend 4-H summer camps for all members because it is a wonderful way to explore new activities and ideas you would never have considered before. I cannot wait until next year.

Fun fact:

The poster that 4-H Alberta had on their Facebook page to advertise this year’s Intermediate camp used a picture taken at last summer’s camp. I was a bit surprised to see myself in it! That’s me on the far left. (Click on the image to embiggen it.)


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